Goodbye Blockbuster

Growing up, I remember hitting up a Blockbuster and renting a bunch of new movies to watch over the weekend. As the technology changed from VHS to DVD, you could only then buy new or used dvds and have it as your own. Those days are long gone and my enormous collection remains, which I’m still proud of. Every Blockbuster outlet closed a few years ago here in Canada, but I guess 300 locations were still open across the United States, until today.

Netflix, PVR or Apple TV seems like the norm now. Getting new movies, TV shows or recorded episodes on your TV is certainly way more convenient than hopping in the car and driving to the local mom and pop store. It was always fun to get a new comedy or action flick, and your parents letting you stay up late on the weekend to watch something as a family. But alas, those days are gone and Blockbuster is something of the past.

Blockbuster really changed the way people got their entertainment and how you experienced it with your family. Then Netflix really took over that and made it better, so I’m sure something new will come to us in the future and be the next best thing. Whatever it’ll be, I just hope it keeps the family experience in mind, so it gives the same feel as we all did when growing up.

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X-Men ‘Days of Future Past’ Trailer Description


So it’s been quite the hiatus on my blog. The reason, laziness, busy at work and lack of creativeness has kept me silent. I’ll try and make more of an effort to post stuff at least once a week. I know friends and family want something to do on their down time.

Anyways, this is kinda of old news, but I literally just saw a rough cut of the X-Men First Class sequels trailer, and to say the least, it looks pretty epic. Whats great is that it combines the original cast with the new one, an adaptation of the story arc with the same name. Days of Future Past will involve Sentinels, time travel and a dystopia future where mutants are hunted down and kept in camps. So here’s the description of what I’ve seen.

“Soft piano music plays”

Professor X’s voice (Patrick Stewart) – Whats the last thing you remember?
“Flashing quick scenes of a dark future with Wolverine and Storm”

Professor X’s voice (Patrick Stewart) – I just had a glimpse into the past”
“More quick scenes of Iceman, Rogue and Shadowcat”

Professor X’s voice (Patrick Stewart) – You’re going to have to do something for me what I once did for you
“Scenes of the X-Mansion, Prof X infront of the door leading into Cerebro, small children running in the X-Mansion”

Magneto’s voice (Ian McKellan) – You will need me as well
“Quick glimpses of Bishop, Warpath, Forge, Blink… possibly the futures Brotherhood of mutants”
“Cuts to a scene with Storm, Wolverine, Colossus, and Iceman… looks like they are entering a dark doorway”

Magneto’s voice (Ian McKellan) – Side by side, to finally end this war, before it ever begins
“Cuts to a scene with Wolverine standing with Prof.X over a dark landscape”

Wolverine voice (Hugh Jackman) – So, I wake up in my younger body, and then what?

Professor X’s voice (Patrick Stewart) – Find me, convince me of all this
“Scene of a young Prof X scanning his eye on Cerebro’s doorway”

Magneto’s voice (Ian McKellan) – It’s going to take the two of us

Wolverine’s voice (Hugh Jackman) – Alright, so where do I find you?
“Scene showing Michael Fassbender holding a gun, slowly gripping it tighter at someone”

Magneto’s voice (Ian McKellan) – I’m down a different path, a darker path
“Quick scene showing Mystique’s face, with a tear running down her face”

Professor X’s voice (Patrick Stewart) – Logan, I was a very different man
“Scene showing a young professor entering Cerebro, blowing dust of the helmet”

Professor X’s voice (Patrick Stewart) – Lead me, guide me, be patient with me

“Scene showing a young Professor X reading Wolverines mind”

Wolverines voice (Hugh Jackman) – Patience was never my strongest suit

“Scene of Wolverine screaming, with bright lights on either side of his body, getting so bright you can’t see his face anymore…. dark future scene with a building under attack and the X-Men are ducking for cover. Michael Fassbender levitating with a sinister smile…. quick scenes of a barricade giving way with angry protestors, a human form Mystique, a secret room opening up in the white house with armed guards leading the President into…. three men unloading their guns on Wolverine, Wolverine staring back at them with the bullet holes healing quickly. Very quick scenes of more angry protestors running in the streets with Mystique walking amongst them, changing her form to several different people. Richard Nixon looking up at a monitor, Beast holding Magneto’s body under water, trying to drown him.

The final shot is young Xavier encountering old Xavier, looking each other dead in the eye, and old Xavier says the following…..

“Please. We need you to hope again”

Then sequels title comes up: “Days of Future Past.”

My Uncle Bert – You Think You Had A Bad Night

I get home from work at 6pm, had a bad day at work and realizing I had only one more beer in the frig didn’t sit well with me either. After I drank that I was still thirsty, so I sat in the kitchen and cracked open a bottle of wine. I didn’t even get half way through it before falling asleep at the kitchen table. All the while I was snoozing, my dinner was cooking on the stove. I wake up at 10pm to a kitchen full of smoke! As I’m coming to in a coughing fit, I realize my roast is shrunken to a black ball, the water that was bowling the potatoes evaporated, my cooking pan is ruined, and all the while not realizing that my smoke alarms are broken. Worst part is that my house smells like old dirty burnt potatoes and I still don’t have any beer for tomorrow night.

Bruins win and Reimers Wife Isn’t Impressed

The Toronto Maple Leafs put up everything they had against the big bad Bruins. It’s been a great series so far and a great game between both teams… but what was priceless was this. In OT, captain Dion Phaneuf pinched down to try and keep the play going. Nathan Horton was able to poke the puck out and start a two on one rush for the Bruins. When the Bruins score, this is James Reimers wife’s expression to Phaneufs girlfriend, Elisha Cuthbert. Priceless

How To Survive In The Wilderness

I grew up in the harsh terrain, a desolate landscape which I shared with grizzly bears, deer and cougars.  In other words, I grew up in Canada. Growing up here has taught me many skills that it takes some people acquire over a life time. My dad once taught me how to build a bird feeder. I then felt this knowledge was enough for me to take on my own projects. I then built a three level, four bedroom, 600sq foot tree fort with stolen wood and nails from an un-guarded construction site. After three people were seriously injured from an improper design, I turned my interest to my first love — living and surviving in the wilderness. Here are some tips that you and your loved ones can use.

Building Shelter

Sure, you could build a lean-to in a couple of hours, but if you’re going to survive the long Canadian winter you need to build something more protective than that. Look around you; you’re literally standing on building supplies for a warm and secure home. First you have to start with the foundation. Spend a few weeks fashioning a shovel from a log and dig a nice deep hole. You’ll want to make sure your basement has eight feet clearance for the plumbing and heating vents. To secure the foundation, gather some mud and rocks. The foundation is really just for show in a house, so feel free to use more mud than rocks.

Next are the walls and roof. Use broken tree limbs, mud and more rocks for this. One nice side effect of all this building is that you’ll probably be cursing up a storm at this point, so any dangerous animals in your vicinity will probably know to steer clear of you for the remainder of your stay in the woods. By week ten you should be all done. Next, you’ll need a house inspection. Start a small fire and with using smoke signals, call the closest inspector to OK your home.

Finding Food & Water

After construction of your home, I bet you’re probably pretty hungry– so let’s find some food. Animals that have never seen a human are generally pretty dumb, so running them down shouldn’t be a problem. But some animals are smarter than others. To combat their evolutionary advantage, you’ll have to be crafty. Strip off all your clothes and lather yourself with mud and leaves. Dig yourself a shallow hole, climb down in it and start making the sounds of your favorite animal. If you love hamburgers, make a cow sound, if you love chicken wings, make a chicken noise. If you do it right, a cow or chicken should come walking by shortly after.

Finding water is a lot easier than most survivalist make it out to be. Hopefully you own an auger, or rented one before going out into the wilderness. Fire up your auger and start drilling through the ground. If you get deep enough, water should be squirting up from the ground like when Jed struck oil in the Beverly Hill Billies (classic episode). If you’ve failed at obtaining an auger, you’d better find the closest river.  Once you found one, start drinking right from the river. It’s perfectly normal if you immediately get diarrhea, that’s just your body adapting to the environment.

Getting Warm Clothing

If you’re like me, you’ve probably either soiled yourself, or fell in the river trying to get a drink. So let’s get some new warm clothes. Catching a squirrel and making his carcass into a loin cloth is realistically the best option for comfort. Loin cloths make it easy to bend, run, go to the bathroom and jump over logs. If you need a little more style, I suggest making something like Fred Flintstone had. It may just be a long dress, but the way fashion evolves in Europe nowadays, trust me, we’ll all be wearing one of these in the next two years.

Staying Warm

Finding warmth is a lot easier than you might think. Deflecting sunlight off of your watch or shiny objects onto blades of grass almost always starts fires. When you have a good twelve to fifteen foot fire roaring, sit approximately five feet away from it to burn off any unsightly dry skin. Find yourself some wild mushrooms and have a little feast. While some mushrooms are good to eat, the ones you choose are probably quiet toxic. While around the camp fire, no doubt you’ll be singing songs and enjoying some tea with some local forest dwelling creatures.

Calling For Help

If I’m sure from all the bonding you’ve done with the forest dwelling animals, they’ve probably gone in search of help for you. If they’re taking their sweet time, screaming at the top of your lungs like Vin Diesel should contact anyone in a 10 mile radius. Just sit back and enjoy the scenery while you wait for the rescue crew in your 1000 square foot lodge.