Goodbye Blockbuster

Growing up, I remember hitting up a Blockbuster and renting a bunch of new movies to watch over the weekend. As the technology changed from VHS to DVD, you could only then buy new or used dvds and have it as your own. Those days are long gone and my enormous collection remains, which I’m still proud of. Every Blockbuster outlet closed a few years ago here in Canada, but I guess 300 locations were still open across the United States, until today.

Netflix, PVR or Apple TV seems like the norm now. Getting new movies, TV shows or recorded episodes on your TV is certainly way more convenient than hopping in the car and driving to the local mom and pop store. It was always fun to get a new comedy or action flick, and your parents letting you stay up late on the weekend to watch something as a family. But alas, those days are gone and Blockbuster is something of the past.

Blockbuster really changed the way people got their entertainment and how you experienced it with your family. Then Netflix really took over that and made it better, so I’m sure something new will come to us in the future and be the next best thing. Whatever it’ll be, I just hope it keeps the family experience in mind, so it gives the same feel as we all did when growing up.

Source – Joblo


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